QUASARs Made Impact at IPAC

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IPAC'15, the sixth International Particle Accelerator Conference, was held in historic Richmond, Virginia, USA from May 3-8, 2015 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The Group made a total of 9 contributions to the scientific program, including posters on the most recent results from our gas jet setup, simulation studies into the optimization of dielectric laser accelerators, measurements using VELO and Novel Single Shot Bunch Length Diagnostic using Coherent Diffraction Radiation. A special highlight was a talk about Intra-beam Scattering Effects in ELENA by Marie Curie Senior Fellow Dr. Javier Resta-Lopez. He presented results from simulations that showed the impact of various factors on beam stability and lifetime in storage rings and how these might affect the quality of envisaged experiments.

Dr. Resta-Lopez was joined at IPAC by Drs. and Hao Zhang, Mr. Yelong Wei, QUASAR Group leader Prof. Carsten P. Welsch, as well as Dr. Ricardo Torres and Ms. Magda Klimontowska from our EU Project TEAM.

The latter presented the oPAC and LA³NET projects to the international accelerator community via a dedicated stand, thus promoting the networks’ Fellows and helping them attract future job opportunities. The stand displayed the projects’ brochures, selected videos produced by the Fellows and gave ample of opportunities for discussion with network partners and researchers from outside of the projects.
The conference featured many interesting presentations, including talks about the AWAKE project and the HL-LHC upgrade – both projects in which the Group is already heavily involved in. The conference was found to be an ideal meeting point allowing for fruitful discussion with collaboration partners from all over the world.
All proceedings are expected to be published shortly and will be available via our dissemination section.

Brochure - QUASARs contributions to IPAC15