Conferences and Meetings


Due to COVID-19 many conferences and meetings had to be cancelled or postponed. Please check the relevant event homepages for updates.

  • Healthcare Instrumentation Workshop, April 22nd
  • IPAC21, May 24th- 29th
  • SRF 2021, 28th June-2nd July
  • International Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics, 13th-17th September
  • MSCA Networks - Training the next generation through collaborative programmes, Liverpool and Online, 29th September
  • ICALEPCS 2021, 18th-22nd October
  • FLASH Radiotherapy and Particle Therapy Conference (FRPT 2021) , Vienna and Online, 1st-3rd December



Due to COVID-19 many conferences and meetings had to be cancelled or postponed. Please check the relevant event homepages for updates.






  • JUAS 2017, Joint Universities Accelerator School, Archamps, France, January - March
  • AVA Kickoff Meeting, Liverpool, UK, January 12th - 13th 
  • 4th Annual Meeting EuCARD2, Glasgow, Scotland, March 28th - 30th
  • OMA Complementary Skills School, University of Liverpool, UK, April 3rd -7th 
  • Aries Kickoff Meeting, CERN, Switzerland, May 4th - 5th
  • IPAC17, 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 14th  
  • FCCW17, Future Circular Collider Week 2017, Berlin, Germany, May 29th - June 2nd
  • 1st OMA School - Medical Accelerators, Fondazione CNAO,  Pavia, Italy, June 5th -9th
  • PPLA 2017, Plasma Physics by Laser and Applications 2017, Messina, Italy, July 5th - 7th 
  • IBIC 2017, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, August 21st - 25th
  • EAAC2017, 3rd European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Elba, Italy, September 24th -30th
  • ICALEPS 2017, Barcelona, Spain, October 8th - 13th
  • 2nd OMA School - Monte Carlo Studies, LMU, Munich, November 6th - 10th



  • JUAS 2016, Joint Universities Accelerator School, Archamps, France, January - March 
  • OMA Kickoff Meeting, Liverpool, UK, February 24th - 26th
  • Leap 2016, 12th International Conference on Low Energy Antiproton Physics, Kanazawa, Japan, March 6th - 11th 
  • IPAC 16, 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Busan, Korea, May 8th - 13th 
  • Photocathodes for Particle Accelerator Applications, Daresbury , UK, June 6th - 8th
  • 12th Libera Workshop, Solkan, Slovenia, June 8th - 10th
  • 12thInternational Conference on Electron Beam Technologies, Varna, Bulgaria, June 13th - 18th 
  • 2016 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics, Skeikampen, Norway, June 15th - 28th
  • Researcher Careers Workshop, Krakow, Poland, June 27th 
  • EuroNNAc and EuPRAXIA Workshop on a European Plasma Accelerator, Pisa, Italy, June 29th - July 1st 
  • 1st COFI Summer School, Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 11th - 19th
  • ECR Ion Sources workshop, Busan, Korea, August 28th - September 1st
  • IBIC 16, International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 11th - 15th
  • oPAC Topical Workshop on BLM, Barcelona, Spain, Sept 15th - 16th
  • LINAC 16, 28th Linear Accelerator Conference, East Lansing, MI, USA , September 25th – 30th 
  • LA3NET Laser Ion Source Workshop, Paris, France, Oct 24th - 25th
  • LA3NET Novel Accelerators Workshop, Paris, France, Oct 24th - 26th
  • PCaPAC 2016, 11th International Workshop on Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls, Campinas, Brazil, October 25th - 28th 
  • RuPAC 2016, XXV Russian Particle Accelerator Conference,Saint-Petersburg, Russia, November 12th - 25th







  • JUAS2013, Joint Universities Accelerator School, Archamps, France, January 7th - March 15th
  • CLIC Workshop 2013, Cern, Switzerland, January 28th - February 1st 
  • 1st LA³NET Workshop on Laser Particle Sources, Cern, Switzerland, February 20th-22nd
  • EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration, Brussels, Belgium,  March 4th-8th 
  • 2nd LA³NET School: Complementary Skills, Liverpool, UK, March 17th-22nd
  • ICFA mini-workshop 'Beam-Beam Effects in Hadron Colliders', CERN, Switzerland, March 18th-22nd
  • 1st IAS-CERN Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology - Status, Implications and Technology, Singapore, March 25th-27th  
  • SPIE Optics + Electronics Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, April 15th-18th 
  • ICFA mini-workshop on Space Charge, CERN, Switzerland, April 15th-19th
  • LASER 2013, IX International Workshop on Application of Lasers and Storage Devices in Atomic Nuclei Research 2013, Poznan, Poland, May 13th-16th
  • IPAC13, 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Shanghai, China, May 12th-17th
  • EAAC2013, European Advanced Accelerator Concepts workshop, Elba, Italy, June 2nd-8th
  • 2nd oPAC School on Complementary Skills, Liverpool, UK, June 3rd-7th
  • LEAP, Uppsala, Sweden, June 10th-15th
  • 1st oPAC Topical Workshop 'Grand Challenges in Accelerator Optimization', CERN, Switzerland, June 26th-27th
  • FEL2013, 35th International Free-Electron Laser Conference, Manhattan, USA, August 26th-30th
  • AOIM 2013, 9th International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry & Medicine, Stellenbosch, South Africa, September 2nd-6th
  • IBIC 2013, 2nd International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Oxford, UK, September16th-19th
  • 2nd LA³NET Topical Workshop on Laser Technology and Optics Design, Aachen, Germany, November 4th-6th
  • QUASARton, Cockcroft Institute, UK, November 13th-14th




  • JUAS 2010, Archamps, France, January 4th – March 12th
  • 2nd DITANET School on Complementary Skills, Liverpool, UK, March 15th-19th
  • DITANET Mid Term Review Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, April 11th-12th
  • DITANET Meeting of the Steering Committee, Brussels, Belgium, April 13th
  • TCP2010; Saariselkä, Finland, April 12th - 16th
  • BIW10, Beam Instrumentation Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, USA, May 1st–5th
  • IPAC10, International Particle Accelerator Conference, Kyoto, Japan, May 24th–28th
  • ESOF, Torino, Italy, July 2nd-7th
  • 2nd DITANET Topical Workshop: Longitudinal Beam Profile Measurements, Cockcroft Institute, Warrington, UK, July 12th-13th
  • CAARI, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, August 5th-10th
  • FEL, Lund-Malmö, Sweden, August 23rd–27th
  • LINAC10, Tsukuba, Japan, September 12th-17th
  • ECAART, Athens, Greece, September 12th-17th
  • ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop, Morschbach, Switzerland, September 27th - October 1st


  • CTF3 Collaboration Technical Meeting, Genf, Schweiz,  January 27th-29th
  • FLAIR Steering Committee Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2nd-3rd
  • 1st DITANET School on Beam Diagnostics, RHUL, London, England, March 30th - April 3rd
  • PAC09, Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 4th-8th
  • DIPAC'09, Basel, Switzerland, May 24th-27th
  • DPG School on Accelerator and High Energy Physics, Bad Honnef, Germany, July 6th-10th
  • COOL'09, Lanzhou, China, August 31rd - September 4th
  • Joint QUASAR-THz Workshop on Accelerator Science and Technology, Pforzheim, Germany, September 6th-10th
  • Superconducting RF Workshop, September 20th-25th
  • Meeting of the DITANET Steering Committee, Cockcroft Institute, UK, September 22nd-23rd
  • Workshop on the Physics of Particle Therapy, Arhus, Denmark, November 16th-18th
  • 1st DITANET Topical Workshop on 'Low energy, low intensity beams', Hirschberg, Germany, November 24th- 25th


  • DPG Spring Meetings, Darmstadt, Germany, March 10th-14th
  • BIW08,Beam Instrumentation Workshop, Lake Tahoe, California, USA, May 4th-8th
  • CERN Accelerator School: Beam Diagnostics, Dourdan, France, May 28th - June 6th 
  • EPAC 08 - 11th European Particle Accelerator Conference, Genoa, Italy, June 23rd-27th
  • Euro Science Open Forum, Barcelona, Spain, July 18th-22nd
  • LEAP08 - International Conference on Low Energy Antiproton Physics, Vienna, Austria, September 17th-19th
  • LINAC08 - Linear Accelerator Conference, Victoria, Canada, September 28th - October 3rd