Media engagement

The QUASAR Group works with mainstream and scientific media to raise awareness of the importance of accelerator research for science, society and industry.

Bridging the knowledge gap with story telling:

  • ‘Plugging the skills gap’
  • ‘What’s the (anti)matter?’
  • What have particle accelerators ever done for us?’
  • Do you want to boldly go where science has not gone before?’

Broad news coverage on stories for science-engaged and general audiences raised awareness of Liverpool’s accelerator R&D and the projects the Group is involved in. Our stories have reached millions around the world. 

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Selected press coverage:

Physics World, What have particle accelerators ever done for us?, August 20th 2019

Midnight in the Desert - radio interview –The Science of Sci-Fi, March 22nd 2018

Laboratory News, What's the (anti)matter?, May 9th 2017

The Times, All for Ava: girl's fight against cancer inspires Big Bang researchers, in print and online Jan 14th 2017

Education Technology, The power behind new generation radiotherapy, February 12th 2016 

Physics World, Plugging the gap, June 2015


Visit our press coverage page to read more exciting stories about our particle accelerator research and the enormous benefits for society.