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Improving Health by Improving Trials‌

Clinical trials in small populations

Clinical Trial Methodology Symposium

Improving Trials by Improving Trials for Patients

RECRUIT (Improving accrual and recruitment conduct in clinical trials with children and other patients unable to consent for themselves)

Audio slidecasts from Cochrane Statistical Methods Group training course: Addressing advanced issues in meta-analytical techniques (Dr Catrin Tudur Smith and Dr Kerry Dwan).
Meta-analysis of time-to-event data
Selective outcome reporting

Design of Early Phase Clinical Trials workshop

Data and Safety Monitoring Board workshop

NWHTMR Launch Day

NWHTMR Showcase Meeting

Clinical trial monitoring: towards establishing best practice?

What do trialists do, and how might things be changing?

JoineR Workshop

COMET III meeting

Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials

Joint NWHTMR-MCRN Methodology CSG Meeting