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Developing Guidelines

WHO guidelines for indoor air quality: household fuel combustion

In November 2014, WHO released new indoor air quality guidelines (AQGs) for household fuel combustion, the third in a series of AQGs for indoor air pollution. These new guidelines aim to help public health policy-makers, as well as specialists working on energy, environmental and other issues understand best the approaches to reducing the health burden from household air pollution. Our team at the University of Liverpool played an important role in the development of the guidelines, including project coordination and management, and in conducting a number of the evidence reviews which informed the recommendations.


Guidelines project management and coordination, development of evidence review methods and contributions to reviews: Professor Nigel Bruce (acting as Consultant with WHO)
Guidelines development committee: Dr Daniel Pope (rapporteur and 3 reviews), Dr Debbi Stanistreet (1 review), Dr Mukesh Dherani (3 reviews), Dr Elisa Puzzolo (1 review)


The development of the guidelines was funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Health Canada, The United Nations Foundation and the UK DFID.

Publications/ dissemination

WHO (2014) Indoor air quality guidelines: household fuel combustion

Bruce N, Pope D, Rehfuess E, Balakrishnan K, Adair-Rohani H, Dora C. (2014) WHO indoor air quality guidelines on household fuel combustion: Strategy implications of new evidence on interventions and exposure-risk functions. Atmos Environ 2014 (in press). doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2014.08.064