Photo of Dr David Jeffery

Dr David Jeffery

Lecturer in British Politics Politics


PGR Supervision

I would be happy to supervise potential candidates in the areas of:
- The political and social history of Liverpool, or Merseyside more broadly.
- The history of local political parties
- Electoral patterns, especially with regard to municipal elections
- The Conservative Party and electoral/campaign strategies.

Local Identities

My interest in local identities is primarily focused on the Scouse identity, but expands into other northern identities. I am interested in how these identities are constructed by those who hold them (and those who do not), if there is a common agreement about the constitutive elements of regional or local identities, and how/when these identities influence the electoral or political behaviour.

Party activism in 'unwinnable' seats

I am interested in explaining why party members engage in political campaigning in steats they are unable to win. I will be conducting a series of focus groups across England to explore this phenomenon from a multi-party perspective.

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