Treasury Management Policy

This statement sets out the policies, practices and objects of The University of Liverpool treasury management activities, as agreed by the Council of the University.

The University of Liverpool adopts the key recommendations of CIPFA’s Treasury Management in the Public Services: Code of Practice and Cross-Sectional Guidance Notes (2011)

The University of Liverpool, in compliance with the CIPFA Code of Practice, defines its treasury management activities as:  

"The management of the University’s cash flows, its banking, money market and capital market transactions, the effective control of the risk associated with those activities, and the pursuit of optimum performance consistent with those risks."

The University of Liverpool regards the successful identification, monitoring and control of risk to be the prime criteria by which effective treasury management will be measured. Accordingly, the primary objective will be to ensure the security of the principal sums invested and secondly to optimise returns on its investments.
The University of Liverpool acknowledges that effective treasury management will provide support towards the achievement of its business objectives. It is therefore committed to the principles of achieving the best value in treasury management, and to employing suitable performance measurement techniques, within the context of effective risk management.

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