Financial Regulations

The University’s Financial Regulations have been formulated to provide a framework for internal control that seeks to ensure financial probity whilst maintaining operational efficiency.

The regulations apply to all financial businesses of the University of Liverpool and associated legal entities, irrespective of the source of funding.  The purpose of the Financial Regulations is to:

  • Provide control over all of the University’s resources
  • Provide management with assurances that the resources are being properly applied for the achievement of the University’s strategic plan and objectives on a sustainable basis
  • Ensure the proper and transparent use of finances and resources in a manner that satisfies the requirements of internal control and fulfils any legal or financial obligations as laid down by:
    • Statutes and Ordinances
    • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
    • Office for Students (OfS)
    • Research England
    • Other relevant authorities.

The regulations are approved by the Council of the University of Liverpool as recommended by the Planning and Resources Committee following endorsement by Audit Committee.


Policy last updated:Feb 2020

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