Dr Ali Al-Janabi

Dr Al-Janabi trained in Medicine at the University of Cambridge. He started his Dermatology training as an Academic Clinical Fellow in the North West Deanery and has an interest in Medical Dermatology and therapeutics.

An investigation of the mechanisms of paradoxical atopic eczema in psoriasis patients treated with biologics 

Biologics are drugs targeting specific parts of the immune system and have transformed the therapeutic landscape for psoriasis. Approximately 2-5% of psoriasis patients on biologics for severe psoriasis experience a paradoxical disease phenotype switch to atopic eczema, which is an immunologically and genetically distinct disease. This can be devastating for patients, often necessitating treatment switches which are not always successful in controlling their psoriasis or resolving their eczema.  

This research aims to establish the role of genetic factors in developing paradoxical atopic eczema and identify the changes that occur in the skin and immune system that drive this adverse event. This could improve treatment-selection for this group of patients and provide insight into the mechanisms of psoriasis and atopic eczema. 

Working with Industry

Dr Al-Janabi is working UCB. He says:

“Though I'm only in my second month of the fellowship, my industry partner, UCB, has been crucial. They contributed significantly to the study design, and several of the experiments would not be possible without their expertise. My industry supervisor has been particularly supportive as the study designs have had to develop, and the collaborative nature of this scheme has allowed me to appreciate the importance of industry in science and healthcare.”



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