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Rhythmcremental offers users a range of compositional possibilities using the framework of an ‘incremental’ or ‘clicker’ game. Read more

A singer songwriter's map

Popular Musicscapes

Focusing on Liverpool, this project explored the relationship between music and the changing city. Read more



POPID was a three-year project exploring popular music's contribution to narratives of cultural identity and representations of cultural heritage and memory in a pan-European context. Read more

1899: Isolde, Aubrey Beardsley. Illustration in Pan, Berlin vol. V, pp.260–261.

Desire in Fin de Siècle Tonality

Dr Smith explores the links between musical harmonies and early twentieth century aesthetics, adapting music theory within a psychodynamic framework. Read more.

Understanding the Current and Future Value of the Beatles Legacy in Liverpool

Understanding the Current and Future Value of the Beatles Legacy in Liverpool

This research established a baseline understanding of what the Beatles legacy and ‘industry’ is worth to the city of Liverpool, focusing not only on economic value but also the intangible benefit to the Liverpool ‘brand’. Read more

The Beat Goes On: Popular Music in Museums

Inspired by Liverpool’s significant contribution to popular music, The Beat Goes On exhibition showcased Merseyside’s vibrant music scenes that have played a major part in the city’s life over the past 60 years. Read more

Hive Twilight City: New Electronic Music for Liverpool

Twilight City involved four high profile audiovisual performances staged in 2008. Read more

Audiotechtonics: Composing for Percussion & Electronics

The overarching aim of this work has been to develop and design integrated systems and performance techniques that are musically effective, time-synchronised, practical and reliable. Read more

Music Matters

Music Matters

Whether it’s the first song you ever bought, the songs that defined your school days or lamented a lost love, there’s no denying the power of music to take us back to a happy or unhappy place. Read more