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Tay Day

Liverpool's Version

Date: June 12, 2024, 9am - 5pm

Venue: Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool

Organisers: Dr Samuel Murray and Dr Amy Skjerseth

Price: Free /Cap tickets at 2 per person

Programme: Tay Day programme 12 June 2024

The University of Liverpool presents Tay Day: a symposium/conference recognising and engaging with the cultural phenomenon that is Taylor Swift. It is about starting a conversation to understand how Taylor is both Miss Americana and an anti-hero, to understand her style and her wildest dreams, to learn of Karma and Cruel Summers, and to discuss her reputation.

We want to hear from fans, students, and scholars about what Taylor Swift’s Eras mean to them; all attendees can participate in a workshop at the event to discuss and debate her back catalogue. During the rest of the day, we have invited students and scholars to share with us their work on Taylor, including a workshop about the process of writing a Taylor Swift musical and a series of interactive talks on subjects ranging from the Taylor Swift millipede to her vinyl records to Taylor’s place in feminism and the LGBTQ+ community. The day will culminate in a session of Critical Karaoke, where researchers perform one-song essays to a chosen Taylor Swift track.

Our event is for fans and critics who are interested in discussing and debating all things Taylor Swift. Whether you’ve got a ticket to Taylor’s show or not, you’re welcome to join us at this free event at the University of Liverpool.

Academics and students from Liverpool universities and beyond will come together to debate, discuss, and deconstruct Taylor Swift’s musical, social, and economic impact, from the stadium to the cinema, that has redefined how we see the music and art industries.

Enquires to: taydayliverpool@gmail.com

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