Photo of Professor Mike Zundel

Professor Mike Zundel

Professor in Organization Studies Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Personal Statement

My research focusses on processes of organizing and how these unfold and change in the context of technological transformations, most recently through studies of digital platforms and robot-driven material design innovation. Theoretically, I draw on insights in the philosophy of technology and time, media theory and ecological thinking which has its roots in cybernetics and systems theory, to study the possibilities and limits for strategy and leadership and I have just delivered the final version of a monograph to Cambridge University Press, written with Prof Robin Holt from Copenhagen Business School, theorizing the challenges for strategy in different technological epochs.

I have held a number of leadership positions at ULMS, including Associate Dean for Research (2015-2019), Associate Dean Faculty (2019-2021) and interim head of the department Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship (2020-2021) and I just completed a stint as Otto Moensted Visiting Professorship at Copenhagen Business School.

My present and past editorial positions include: Board member, Academy of Management Review, 2017-ongoing (Developmental Reviewer Awards in 2020 and 2021 and Outstanding Reviewer Award in 2023); editorial board member, 2013-ongoing, and senior editor, Organization Studies, 2014-2021; board member Management and Organizational History, 2022-ongoing; board member Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2017-2020 (Best Reviewer award in 2020); consulting editor IJMR, 2014-2018 (Best Reviewer award in 2013).