Photo of Mr Gregory Fetzer

Mr Gregory Fetzer PhD

Lecturer Work, Organisation and Management


Personal Statement

Greg Fetzer is a Lecturer in the Work, Organisations, and Management group at the University of Liverpool Management School. He obtained his Masters and PhD in Organization Studies from Boston College, as well as an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Greg is a qualitative field researcher who investigates what makes work meaningful and how individuals and groups manage creativity and innovation. He takes an experiential, process approach to investigate the social and cultural factors surrounding how we find purpose and significance in our work, as well as the role of time in the creative process. Some of his current projects include research on how creative workers decide when to persist with or abandon their ideas, how striving for quality provides meaning for craftspeople, and how NFL players develop positive relationships in a context of competition and uncertainty. Greg also has a keen interest in a variety of qualitative methodologies, including the use of video data.