The Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design hosts meetings, symposium and educational events open to the scientific and wider community reflecting the breadth of interests served.

Upcoming LRC events 

3 - 4 Sept 2018 Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design Inaugural Symposium 

 Keynotes at this event include: Professor Leroy Cronin, Professor David Leigh, Professor Artem R. Oganov, Professor Nicola Spaldin and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kerstin Thurow 


Other events 


24 - 26 Feb 2019 SuperChem 2019, University of Würzburg

Keynotes at this event include: Prof. Andrew Cooper (University of Liverpool), Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern University) and Prof. Vivian Yam (The University of Hong Kong), three outstanding and well-known scientists in the field of supramolecular chemistry and materials.