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Dr Nicolas Brando

Newton International Fellow / Derby Fellow Law


Research Overview

I look at the status of children in our political and social world. I explore issues relating to the definitions of 'childhood', the categorisation of children, the distinction between adults and children.
I also look at issues relating to the applicability of theories of justice to children. Do standard political theories apply to children? How do our discourses on freedom apply to children? Or what rights are owed to children? I currently have a project financed by the British Academy to do philosophical research on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

I've looked at the topic of education from different perspectives. I've explored issue related to educational justice and distribution of educational goods. I've looked at the content of a right to education. And various studies on pedagogy, and on the creation of pedagogical tools.

What makes humans flourish? What is the best metric to assess well-being and human development? I'm interested in looking at questions of justice from a capability perspective; on how the capabilities approach speaks to issues of inequality, poverty, development, education and childhood.

A great part of my research on justice has focused on its global dimension. That is, I've asked questions about what is owed as a matter of justice beyond the nation-state, questions related to international law, international relations, and the distribution of goods the global level, with a particular interest in commons and public goods.

Political theory

Children's Rights

Feminist theory

Research Grants

Childhood at the Margins: A Normative Analysis of Children's Status as Right Holders


July 2021 - May 2022