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SLSJ Extra

Plan your future, clarify your career aspirations and prepare yourself to achieve them.

Featuring a diverse range of speakers, SLSJ Extra will show you how the academic disciplines of law, sociology, social policy and criminology can open opportunities in a range or fulfilling professions and provide a foundation of extra-curricular activity which may support students in their future career aspirations.

Speakers from previous talks include members of the legal sector, criminal sector, voluntary sector and other leading professionals as well as from individuals or organisations who have played significant role in reforming either the law or their respective communities from the UK and beyond.

Law Extra Networking

  • Understand how career choice can support your personal views of 'justice', empowering you to make instrumental change in a range of social, commercial, and other fields.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of law and lawyers in society, the legal professions, and the law degree as an entry point for legal and non-legal careers.
  • Gain insights into and some practical experience of the working lives of different types of professions as well as the lives of members of other sectors for which either a Law or SSPC is an accepted qualification.
  • Obtain a Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) award after attending seven or more sessions.

SLSJ Extra provides a wider perspective of the different areas of the working world while aiming to help you clarify your career aspirations within a range of career paths ranging from the traditional to non-traditional.

SLSJ Extra provides a space for networking with professionals from law firms, charities and civil services. You can even use these events as a platform to find a mentor, work placement or internship. In fact, some of the sessions focus directly on how to successfully obtain a traineeship.

In an increasingly competitive and globalised recruitment market, demonstrating your employability could set you apart from other candidates in the recruitment process.


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