Research Events

Our Research Clusters host a diverse range of events throughout the year. Many of these are avaliable to watch back online, explore the events below.

CLPU Conferences & Events Charity Law & Policy Unit logo - purple background with white writing

Charity Law and Policy Unit (CLPU)

CLPU's conferences and events help to shape regulatory reform of charities and third sector organisations.

Events Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law logo - white writing on a background of barbedwire

Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law (CAICL)

CAICL organises seminars and workshops focused on international criminal law.

Events EU Law @ Liverpool logo - image of EU flag with shape of British Isles cut out

EU Law @ Liverpool

EU Law @ Liverpool's conferences and events add expertise to the public debate on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Events European Children's Rights Unit logo - image of child dressed as super hero

European Children's Rights Unit (ECRU)

ECRU events cover a broad range of children's rights areas, including Brexit, children's rights in the legal process and child labour.

Events Health Law and Regulation Unit logo - image of pill packet

Health Law and Regulation Unit (HLRU)

HLRU events invite experts from a range of health-law areas to speak at seminars and conferences.

Conferences & Events International Criminological Research Unit

International Criminological Research Unit (ICRU)

ICRU's conferences and events share expertise and enhance public understanding of research in criminology and criminal justice.


International Law and Human Rights Unit (ILHRU)

ILHRU hosts a diverse range of events, inviting high-profile speakers such as international judges and lawyers to deliver talks on international human rights law.

Research Projects and Policy Work Law and Non Communicable Diseases on blue background with statue of Lady Justice

Law and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Unit

The Law and NCD Unit host events with the objective of informing academic and policy debates on NCD prevention at regional, national and global levels.

Liverpool Economic Governance Unit logo with stock exchange background

Liverpool Economic Governance Unit (LEGU)

LEGU hosts events that bring together a diverse range of researchers interested in the challenges and opportunities afforded by changes in global economic governance.

Publics and Practices logo with photo of crowd of people

Publics & Practices

Events held by Publics & Practices examine the social, economic, cultural, political and affective production of publics.