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This site has been developed to help all pupils get to know our Law School, and hopefully help answer some of your questions on studying law at the University of Liverpool!

To start things off this first video is a general introduction from Professor Lydia Hayes, Co-Director of Recruitment and Widening Access. It aims to cover key aspects of interest for students looking to come to our University to study law.

We do offer live sessions that incorporate interactive seminars and live Q&A’s for Schools and Colleges. And if this is of interest please do contact Clare Kelly 

We hope you find these videos and the site helpful but if you have any questions never hesitate to contact us.

For more information on studying with us, visit the Liverpool Law School web pages.

Our Law Courses

Professor Lydia Hayes (Co-Director of Recruitment and Widening Access)

Taster Lectures 

Experience our teaching and gain an insight into our modules by watching our latest taster lectures.


Employability and Careers at The Law School

Dr John Tribe (Senior Lecturer in Law) and Mrs Sally Russell (Student Placement and Employability Co-Ordinator)

Welfare and Support in the Department

Holly Nodwell (Student Experience (Enhancement) Team Leader)

PhD student Tilly Clough on working in the Law Clinic

Tilly Clough (Law PhD student)

Law student Catherine Ogden on her Family Court experience

Catherine Ogden (Law student)

Law student Catherine Ogden on the University netball team

Catherine Ogden (Law student)

Law student Laxmi Devi on class structure and accommodation

Laxmi Devi (Law student)