This module is mapped against A1+ level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is for students who have completed Level 901/001 Beginners 1 or who have basic knowledge of the language. Through a variety of methods, students will further develop their basic competence in reading, writing, listening and speaking and their understanding of basic grammar. At the end of this 12-week module, students will be able to carry out simple tasks in the language. Students will be able to understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of most needs in a day-to-day context. They will be able to interact and participate effectively in basic conversations. They will have a good understanding of aspects of the life and culture of countries where the language is spoken and the intercultural skills necessary for their language proficiency level.  



  • Talking about yourself and others – personal information, question forms, opinions.
  • Describing where you live – area and housing.
  • Towns and areas in the German speaking countries.
  • Getting around – Places in Town. Directions. Transport.
  • Accommodation – types of accommodation, booking, getting information, dealing with problems.
  • Free Time – arranging to go out. Times and dates.
  • Health and Illness – dealing with illness/injury.
  • Rules and regulations – saying what you can / must / should do.
  • Describing people – character and physical appearance.
  • Shopping for clothes and souvenirs
  • Celebrations – festivals and celebrations in the German speaking countries.

Grammatical concepts:

  • Comparisons
  • Imperative  
  • Imperfect and perfect tense
  • Future tense
  • Modal verbs
  • Ordinal numbers 
  • Prepositionsand cases
  • Word order in more complex sentence 


  • Week 1   GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Revision and extension of conversational information. Revision of present and perfect tenses. Experience of the German speaking countries.
  • Week 2   TOWN / COUNTRY: Describing your area. Asking the way. Understanding directions.
  • Week 3   HOUSE AND HOME: Describing where you live. House types, rooms. Giving an opinion
  • Week 4   ACCOMMODATION: Types of room, facilities, dealing with problems.
  • Week 5   FUTURE PLANS: Talking about your plans, ambitions and dreams.
  • Week 6   HEALTH AND ILLNESS: Dealing with illness and accidents, saying what you can/must/should do to stay healthy.
  • Week 7   FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Describing people in more detail – character and physical appearance.
  • Week 8   RULES AND REGULATIONS: Understanding what you must / must not do
  • Week 9   SHOPPING: Choosing and buying items of clothing and souvenirs.
  • Week 10   FESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONS: Talking about celebrations and festivals you have been to or would like to go to.
  • Week 12: Written and speaking tests will take place this week. Completing the assessment is required for students taking the course as part of their degree. For all other students, taking the tests is also strongly recommended, as a measure of your progress and learning. 

Textbook details:

Menschen A1:2* Kursbuch. Published by Hueber Verlag. Approximate cost £14.00

(N.B Menschen A1:1 and A1:2 are also available in one coursebook – Menschen A1. If you have this book from completing Level 1 you will not need to purchase an additional coursebook.)

We recommend our students to buy their textbooks from Blackwell’s on campus. They have a price match policy and you can pre-order over the phone with them and pick the book when you are on campus.  

Study Hours

The total number of study hours for this module is 150 hours, in line with undergraduate university modules. This includes class meetings, assessment preparation and self-directed study in line with guidance from the course lecturer.

If you are studying on the extracurricular mode, we recognise that the total number of hours that you may be able to study every week may depend on your availability and previous experience studying languages, however, expected contribution to classes, homework completion, and learning outcomes will not vary.  

Please note that the ‘last date available to book’ date is only a guide. We reserve the right to close bookings earlier if courses are over- or under-subscribed. In order to avoid disappointment, please be sure enrol as soon as possible. Registrations will not be processed until the following day if received after 3pm. 

Course Lecturer: Linda Perry

I am passionate about language teaching and learning. I am a graduate of Warwick University with a B.A Hons. in German and a PGCE in German and French. I have taught German at all levels and to all age groups for over 40 years; mostly in secondary schools where I was Head of MFL and Assistant Head, but also in HE and for the last 5 years at the University of Liverpool. I still love teaching and have always been of the opinion that language learning should be enjoyable as well as a challenge. I am myself currently learning Spanish and this has definitely made me more understanding of the demands of language learning!

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