German Stage 6

Tuesday 30 January, 4-6pm - We are no longer taking enrolments for this course.


This language module is designed for students who have completed Level 905/005 Intermediate 5 or for those who have a B1 standard of the language in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), for example an AS level. Through a variety of methods – including both spontaneous and prepared discussions on various topics - students will develop an intermediate competence in reading, writing, listening and speaking and an understanding of intermediate grammar. At the end of this 12-week module students will have reached a B1+ proficiency level in the CEFR and will be able to briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans as well as narrate a story or relate the plot of a book or film and describe their reactions to it. They will be able to enter unprepared into conversation on topics that are familiar, of personal interest or pertinent to everyday life (for example: family; hobbies; work; travel; and current events) and to understand the main point of many radio or TV programmes on current affairs or topics of personal or professional interest when the delivery is relatively slow and clear. They will have a good understanding of life and culture in countries where the language is spoken and intercultural skills necessary for their language proficiency level. 


  • Week 1: Das war so peinlich! – Recounting experiences – Expressing cause and effect; clearing up misunderstandings
  • Week 2: Die Teilnahme ist auf eigene Gefahr – Discussing courses/activities – Making recommendations; using present and perfect past participles as adjectives
  • Week 3: Bewerbungsbriefe/Bewerbungsgespräche– Job searches/applications/interviews – Two-part conjunctions
  • Week 4: Jugenderlebnisse – Speaking about experiences of youth/generational differences – (nicht) (nur) brauchen + zu; laying emphasis in speech/writing; reacting to stories  
  • Week 5: Biografien – Telling the life stories of others – Different uses of ‘es
  • Week 6:  Davon halte ich nicht viel – Politics and society – Expressing opinions and reacting in debates; noun suffixes
  • Week 7: Die Hüttenregeln – Discussing/questioning rules – Je… desto/umso… Using indem and sodass
  • Week 8: Die ,,Wonnebeats”– Praising, advertising and pitching – Modal verbs in the passive voice
  • Week 9: Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Discussing the history of West Germany/ Germany – Expressing wishes/dreams, passive voice in perfect and imperfect past tenses
  • Week 10: Fahrradfahren ist in – Cycling, environment, and climate change – Using (an)statt/ohne…zu  and (an)statt dass/ohne dass; expressing (dis)agreement and indifference
  • Week 11: Wie will ich leben? – Discussing the past and present, and future wishes –Expressing conviction; Damit and um…zu; als ob + subjunctive II
  • Week 12: Written and speaking tests will take place this week. Completing the assessment is required for students taking the course as part of their degree. For all other students, taking the tests is also strongly recommended, as a measure of your progress and learning. 

Textbook details:

Menschen: Deutsch als Fremdsprache Kursbuch. B1.2, Hueber Verlag, ISBN: 978-3195019033, £14 approx.

Menschen: Deutsch als Fremdsprache Arbeitsbuch. B1.2, Hueber Verlag, ISBN: 978-3195119030, £10 approx We recommend buying your textbook(s) at Blackwell’s on campus. You can pre-order over the phone or online with them and pick up the book when you are on campus.

Study Hours

The total number of study hours for this module is 150 hours, in line with undergraduate university modules. This includes class meetings, assessment preparation and self-directed study in line with guidance from the course lecturer.

If you are studying on the extracurricular mode, we recognise that the total number of hours that you may be able to study every week may depend on your availability and previous experience studying languages, however, expected contribution to classes, homework completion, and learning outcomes will not vary.  

Please note that the ‘last date available to book’ date is only a guide. We reserve the right to close bookings earlier if courses are over- or under-subscribed. In order to avoid disappointment, please be sure enrol as soon as possible. Registrations will not be processed until the following day if received after 3pm. 

Course Lecturer: Imke Wulff

Multilingual native speaker from Northern Germany. Master of Arts in Languages. Certificate from the Goethe Institute and Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. 20 years’ experience of teaching German as a Foreign Language in schools and at university. From beginner’s level to advanced.

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