Photo of Dr Sarah Arens

Dr Sarah Arens M.A., PhD

Lecturer in French Languages, Cultures and Film


I'm currently providing teaching for Introduction to French Studies I (FREN114) and Proficient French (FREN311). I also teach several classes on the politics of meat in France and its intersections with race, racism, and the French far right, gender, and sexuality for the second-year module 'Manger! Food and French Culture' (FREN230). I also offer classes on Postcolonial Theory for Introduction to Critical Theory (MODL503+POLI505) and Introduction to World Literature (WLIT101).

My own module 'Global Public Spaces: Resistance, Justice and Heritage' (MODL230) is a team-taught second-year module open to students across Languages, History and Politics. The module invites students to investigate transnational public spaces - 'real' and digital -, protest and social justice movements across a variety of different geopolitical and historical contexts, structured around a set of recurring key themes, such as heritage, memory, justice, everyday use and creative transformation. My own sessions will focus on colonial heritage in Belgium's public space and transnational environmental protest movements and methods.

Modules for 2023-24


Module code: MODL230

Role: Module Co-ordinator