Email viruses, scams, spam and phishing

Even the most cautious person can fall victim to crime through fraudulent emails.

Viruses, spam and phishing attempts can put your personal data and University account at serious risk. We do what we can to quickly identify and block such messages but there are steps you can take to stay safe online.

Email attacks usually fall into the two categories below - follow the links for advice on how to spot these malicious emails and what to do if you receive one.

Example email attacks 

DPD delivery email scam

Phishing email about transfer of files

Phishing email purporting to be from our Service Desk

Phishing email promoting fake University Webmail site

Phishing email appearing to come from a University colleague about 'invoices' 

Phishing email claiming to be from HR offering a payment processor job

Phishing email claiming your University Webmail is about to expire 

Phishing emails claiming to be from 'University Payroll' and about a 'Pending Message' 

Phishing email targeting staff claiming to be from HR/Payroll

Phishing email promoting installation of OneClass Chrome extension for Blackboard

Phishing email that knows your home address

Phishing email claiming your Library account has expired

Email attachments containing the Zepto virus