Computer security

Key elements for keeping your computer secure are:

  • Ensuring that you keep the operating system and software up to date with the latest patches and upgrades.
  • Installing antivirus protection software.

Antivirus for University-owned computers

Cisco Secure Endpoint antivirus software is installed on all machines running the Managed Windows Service (MWS).

For other University-owned devices, such as Macs and Linux machines, members of staff must ensure that the operating system is up-to-date and must download and install Cisco Secure Endpoint.

Antivirus for personal computers

The University has an agreement in place with Sophos, to provide all staff and students with Sophos Home antivirus to install on your personal home computers

Please also ensure your personal computer has the latest updates installed for the operating system and for the software and apps you have installed. 

IT Acceptable Use

By using University IT services, you agree to abide by the University of Liverpool IT Acceptable Use Policy.

For your own security you should be careful when receiving email attachments, even when the email comes from someone you know and trust; you cannot be sure they have sent it themselves and they may have been infected by a virus, which was able to send an email under their name.