Photo of Dr Thomas Price

Dr Thomas Price

Senior Lecturer Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour


    Personal Statement

    I am an evolutionary biologist investigating the feedback between genes, individual behaviour, and population level effects. I am particularly interested in gene drives, particularly sex chromosome meiotic drive, which I study in a variety of species of fruit fly. I also work on how fertility, particularly spermatogenesis, can be impacted on by the environment, particularly temperature.

    Positions are available for PhD study on natural gene drives, and on the impacts of temperature on fertility. My projects aim to be broad, combining laboratory and field experiments on Drosophila, modelling, genomics and proteomics. However, I do work with organisms other than Drosophila, such as parrots, mantids, spiders and beetles, if they are a better system for the project. If you are in receipt of sponsorship, please contact me to discuss opportunities and projects.