Dr Rudi Grosman

Research Associate Liverpool Shared Research Facilities


Personal Statement

My main interest is the application of high field NMR methods on the analysis of complex small molecule mixtures. I have completed my PhD in University of Liverpool in 2019 on mosquito metabolomics investigating insecticide resistance in collaboration with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). Following my PhD I worked as a post-doctoral researcher where I developed enzymatic reaction monitoring pipelines using NMR. Afterwards I gained further industrial experience as a formulation scientist at Unilever where I further developed NMR methods for enzymatic reaction monitoring. After my position in Unilever, I returned to University of Liverpool as a a post-doctoral researcher in the High Field NMR Shared Research Facility.

My position involves developing analysis methods and pipelines starting from laboratory to data analysis and interpretation. I also support and supervise post-doctoral researchers and students from multiple disciplines and faculties.

If you would like to discuss implementing NMR in your work or to brainstorm on a project please don't hesitate to contact me.