Alumni and Friends Fund Grant is helping students go global

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The Alumni and Friends Fund was established with a mission to enhance the student experience, improve facilities, and build upon the impressive legacy of philanthropy throughout the University's existence. The Fund provides essential support to countless students, ensuring they receive the best possible Liverpool experience without barriers. 

Thanks to the grant, 12 Law students were able to go on a fully funded study trip to The Hague. Without your support and generosity these students wouldn’t have been able to go. Known as the ‘legal capital of the world’, students had the opportunity to experience first-hand the functioning of several law institutions due to the high number of international courts, tribunals, and organisations based in the city. With the International Court of Justice, the primary judicial organ of the United Nations based in the Hague, the trip provided students with in depth knowledge and experiences that couldn't have been gained from classroom teaching alone.

The grant was used to help cover the cost of flights and accommodation, as well as entry into organisations where there is an associated cost. With such high density of international institutions in The Hague there is no other destination that Law students would want to visit. This trip provides students with an invaluable opportunity that will not only benefit them in the short term but into their future careers. Hear from Law students on how your support helped shape their university experience:

“As one of the 12 students who were lucky enough to be chosen to attend this special trip, I want to say a huge thank you to the Alumni and Friends Fund grant. Without the support of the alumni and the university, this trip would have never happened. Thank you so much for your support and making this opportunity possible. This trip has helped shape my legal career. I developed a passion for international human rights law, which I am now pursuing a master’s degree in.” -Grace


“The Law trip to The Hague was truly an amazing opportunity to find out more about a particular area of interest to me. As someone who has engaged in numerous modules of international law, being able to visit institutions such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court was unforgettable. During the trip, we were able to sit in ongoing hearings in the courts, were given tours of the premises, and had the opportunity to speak to various employees of the institutions. As a third-year Law student, this trip was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate results alongside some of my closest friends on the course. We were able to experience the vibrancy of the city whilst also gaining insight into its well-known legal sector. Personally, this trip has helped me develop a five-year plan, and I hope that with some good luck, I will be able to find myself in the Hague once more, this time not as a tourist, but rather as a member of staff in one of the most renowned legal institutions in the world.” -Andreea

“I am very grateful for this invaluable opportunity and the experience the Hague trip gave me! Not only will I cherish the memories I made on this trip, but it will also greatly benefit me in my career going forward. Thank you, alumni and friends” – Mia 

Your support has created an invaluable opportunity for Liverpool Law who would not otherwise have the opportunity. The Alumni and Friends Fund grant wouldn’t be possible without your support. Your generosity not only provides crucial support to students in crisis through the provision of hardship funding and bursaries, but it also increases the opportunities available to students where they can pursue their passions and explore their interests without barriers. On behalf of the grant recipients, thank you.

To find out how you can provide support to Liverpool students, please visit the Student Fund webpage.