Student Stories: "Thanks to the Donors and the University who have made the Student Fund possible."

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Through our Student Fund, we are making sure that students of every background can come to Liverpool and make the most of their time here – so they can go out into the world and make a difference. From providing emergency grants so students can pay rising bills to annual bursaries and scholarships for bright students, your support is changing lives. Read on to hear about what your support has meant to Law graduate Andreea.

“I would like to thank the donors and the University who have made the Student Fund possible. I would not be where I am today without the support provided by you and the scholarships team. Towards the end of my undergraduate degree, I always feared the day I would have to apply for the Bar Practice Course, this fear didn’t come from the academically rigorous selection process, but rather, the sky-high fees that students are expected to pay. The support I received over the years from the Law and Social Justice and the Widening and Participation departments allowed me to develop my confidence and immerse myself in extracurricular activities. Without their support, I would not have taken advantage of the countless opportunities over the years, and I would’ve certainly struggled to achieve as many things as I have in the past three years.

My passion for Law started when I was introduced to the Pathway to Law program in school, a program offered by the University and funded by the Sutton Trust, to support students in learning more about the legal sector and routes into legal careers. My two years on Pathways helped me realise my passion for Law, and that I wanted to eventually become a Barrister. Without the support of Pathways, I do not believe I would have been on the path I am on today.

The support provided by the University carried on during my Law degree where I was awarded the Future Lawyer’s Scholarship allowing me to continue my postgraduate degree. The scholarship allowed me to spend more time focusing on my studies rather than worrying about the financial pressure of studying a postgraduate course. I was able to get involved in an array of opportunities such as becoming a Liverpool Advocate and working in the Law Clinic, where I supported Asylum and Immigration cases.

So far, the highlight of my time at University has been meeting new people and embracing the opportunities provided to me. Thanks to the Alumni and Friends Fund grant I was able to celebrate my achievements alongside fellow students by going on a Law Trip to the Hague, one of the most renowned legal institutions in the world. The trip allowed me to further develop my knowledge as I had the opportunity to sit in a couple of ongoing hearings at the International Court of Justice. The trip was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate results alongside some of my closest friends on the course.

Thanks to the scholarship and your generosity I was able to take part in various experiences that helped me to develop; when looking in the mirror, whilst the person I see may resemble the shy student I once was, I no longer see her fears and doubts about achieving her goals.“

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