Nature, land use and oceans

Stark evidence suggests that urgent action must be taken to tackle the climate crisis and our ambitions must match the scale of the challenge. Liverpool leads groundbreaking innovations in climate science for the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of nature to scale up efforts to preserve natural eco-systems. Our research in this area can develop pathways to tangible change, generating natural environments that flourish, breathe, and sustain life for generations to come.

Braving the elements

AtlantEco Podcast: Braving the elements in Antarctica

Professor Alessandro Tagliabue explains the challenges that exist in studying Weddell Sea, and why it is so important to study it to better understand the ocean’s health, its evolution and functioning.

Climate change and its the impact on the Arctic

Effects of Climate Change on the Arctic

Dr James Lea was called to parliament to provide important research-backed evidence to the The Polar Research Sub-Committee. This article outlines three critical aspects of his research which will help shape climate science in the Arctic.

Heatwave over Europe

Heat wave over Europe

Professor Ric Williams is Chair in Ocean and Climate Science and co-lead of the University of Liverpool’s Climate Futures Research theme

MarClim Project

The MarClim Project

The MarClim project uses archival and contemporary data to investigate the impact of climatic change on rocky intertidal invertebrates and macroalgae.

Biodiversity and Sustainability on our farms: Ness Heath and Wood Park

Biodiversity and Sustainability on our farms: Ness Heath and Wood Park

John Cameron, farm manager of Wood Park and Ness Heath, speaks about current progress from their work to improve farm sustainability and biodiversity