Finance, trade and accountability

We must implement measures to improve climate related finance, business and trade practices to become more sustainable. Our vision is to scale up efforts, improve access for marginalised groups and create more affordable solutions that will make international markets greener in the future.

Rethinking flood risk management

Rethinking flood risk management to reduce global inequality

Professor Corina Constantinescu from the Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics explains how embracing a new approach to flood risk management across socio-economic environments can help to address the impacts of climate change and reduce global inequality.

Gender diversity on the board of directors in Latin America

Gender diversity on the board of directors in Latin America

Dr Poletti-Hughes identified that gender diversity has a positive impact on board effectiveness in Latin American companies. This research has been influencing stakeholders including gender equity groups, regulators and governmental organisations towards achieving policy and legislative change in Corporate Governance Codes to include the recommendation that boards should be gender diverse.