Teaching and CPD

The Equine Hospital has a key role in the teaching of undergraduate veterinary students and in providing continuing professional development (CPD) for veterinary surgeons based in the UK and abroad.

For many years, the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital has had a reputation for providing high-quality teaching utilising the expertise of the clinical staff at the equine hospital and our high-class facilities. In addition, the teaching skills of the hospital staff extend to visits abroad, in conjunction with equine charities, to further the education of veterinary surgeons and technicians in the developing world.

If you would like to know more about opportunities for Undergraduate, Masters or PhD level study, please visit the Institute website.

Undergraduate Veterinary Students

Veterinary students at the University of Liverpool complete six weeks of clinical rotations at the equine hospital during their fourth and final (fifth) years of the BVSc course. The aim of these rotations is to develop students’ clinical knowledge and practical skills, including management of equine cases and their communication skills.

Our busy and diverse hospital caseload exposes our students to the investigation and treatment of a variety of equine cases seen by each hospital service. Students on their clinical rotations will often be involved in taking a history from the owners / carers of cases admitted to the hospital in order to develop these important skills in client communication. We greatly value the help that our clients are able to provide in this aspect of our student’s development and hope that hospital clients enjoy being able to interact with the veterinary surgeons of the future.

Students are overseen by a team of clinicians, residents and interns and undergo formal assessment during their rotations to ensure that they have reached a particular standard prior to passing each rotation. For more information please see our Students section. 

Continuous professional development for veterinary surgeons

Staff at the Equine Hospital have provided CPD for many years in a wide range of subject areas and to a variety of veterinary surgeons, from those who perform little equine work to more specialist equine vets including Certificate and Diploma level-holders. We continue to provide a variety of one and two day courses at the hospital in conjunction with the CPD unit and are able to offer high-quality practical sessions utilising our facilities and equipment. Find out more about the CPD module options.

We have continued to develop the CPD services that we offer and are Institutional leaders in online learning technology. This technology allows us to provide online educational courses to support veterinary surgeons in the UK and abroad. Liverpool University is the only provider of complete equine certificates (CertAVP) and synoptic examinations that allow veterinary surgeons in practice to obtain this RCVS qualification, certifying them as advanced practitioners in particular aspects of equine surgery and medicine.

For more information please see our Veterinary Postgraduate Unit website.