Residency Positions

Residencies are generally three-year posts for veterinary surgeons with appropriate post graduate clinical experience, following an approved programme of post-graduate training which leads to a specialist qualification. Currently the equine hospital employs six residents (2 medicine residents and 4 surgery residents). The selection process for residents is highly competitive, and the work is hard, but the programmes provide an excellent clinical training and allow post-graduate clinical specialisation to the highest recognised levels.

Applicants must be qualified veterinary surgeons (MRCVS or MRCVS eligible) who have a minimum of 1-2 years experience in equine / mixed practice. Ideally applicants should also have completed an Equine internship but this is not essential.

Potential applicants are strongly recommended to visit the equine hospital prior to submitting an application as this helps you to see what the job involves and to meet the team. If you wish to visit the hospital, you should contact Janet Hardman, attaching a Curriculum Vitae and stating your interest in applying for a residency position. Queries about the residency training programme should be directed by email to the residency programme director, Dr. Debra Archer.

Positions are advertised in the Veterinary Record and on the University Job Vacancies website.