Advancing the Field of Equine Veterinary Science

Our clinical staff are widely known for their contribution to equine research in many fields, including equine colic, sarcoids, orthopaedics, epidemiology and nutrition / fat metabolism.

Our research is largely based upon collection of information from owners and carers of horses via questionnaires and from samples of material (e.g. faeces) and is conducted subject to approval by the University of Liverpool Ethics committee.

Owners or carers of horses coming to the hospital may be asked if they would be happy to participate in various research projects. If you are happy to participate, you will be given detailed information about the project and asked to provide your consent. We understand that some owners/carers may not wish to be involved, and participants can also choose to withdraw from studies at any time.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Risk factors for colic and their association with different types of the disease.
  • ELISA equine parasitic screening.
  • Enhancing welfare for working equids abroad.