Photo of Dr Richard Bono

Dr Richard Bono PhD

Research Associate Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Personal Statement

As part of the DEEP group (funded by a Leverhulme Trust Research Award), I will be developing statistical palaeomagnetic field models as part of a multidiscplinary team of geophysicists, geologists and dynamo modellers. These statistical models will be used to characterise and test hypotheses related to long term geomagnetic field evolution, along with comparisons to numerical dynamo simulations using Earth-like configurations.

I joined the SoES under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Biggin in January 2018 after the completion of my PhD at the University of Rochester, USA, with the Paleomagnetic Research Group. My previous research primarily focused on defining Earth's palaeomagnetic field during the Precambrian and characterising the magnetic carriers of the ancient geomagnetic field within host rocks.