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Digital technologies are transforming the world around us. The way we think, work, and play. Fundamentally changing the way businesses operate. Improving productivity, delivering customer value, creating innovative experiences, and unlocking solutions to global challenges.

The University of Liverpool is a hub of digital research and innovation, collaborating with governments, academia and industry - to enable this transformation - at scale and pace.

Digital research

Combining high-performance computing with data science is enabling  our researchers to use multiple sources of data to improve decision making. They are supporting governments with their responses to Covid-19, helping the aviation industry locate missing aircraft, and tracking the position of satellites to ensure safe space operations.

University experts are driving forward the digital transformation of the UK’s legal sector to pioneer the application of explainable AI systems, to develop software that is augmenting support for legal professionals in their decision making - creating efficiencies and ultimately benefiting their clients.

Liverpool's geographic data scientists are providing planners and policymakers with unique insights into a range of societal and economic challenges. From revealing how features of local places and social inequalities impact public health, to predicting the effects of online shopping on high-street communities.

Digital innovation

Supporting the University's unique mix of knowledge and research expertise is our strength in innovation. Our Digital Innovation Facility (DIF) is enabling industrial collaboration, maximising the possibilities and impact of emerging technologies. Within its unique digital labs, we're using mixed reality to enable the development of new applications from design to manufacture and use. Simulating real-world hazardous conditions to develop new and improved autonomous systems for unmanned vehicles. In addition, the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), is combining engineering expertise with emerging digital technologies, to solve business challenges - driving economic growth.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Wherever you are on your digital journey, work with the University of Liverpool to leverage our unique mix of research and innovation, to accelerate your digital transformation.

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