Digital Innovation at the University of Liverpool

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Gain competitive advantage by embedding emerging technologies and new thinking into your business with the University of Liverpool’s digital innovation capabilities.

We can work with you to accelerate product development, reduce cost and risk, and set world-class academic minds to work solving your problems.

With the support of technical experts from diverse industry backgrounds, you will harness our state-of-the-art technology, facilities and research to innovate and compete in rapidly changing markets.

  • The University of Liverpool has a proven track record of helping businesses to demystify and accelerate digital innovation
  • Whether you’re seeking practical guidance to transform how you work, input from world leading academics and technical talent to achieve your commercial goals, or easy access to state of the art equipment and facilities, we can help
  • You set the pace. We will assist you to build on your strengths and enhance your in-house capability, no matter what sector you work in.