Working with the University of Liverpool's digital innovation

Working with us

Our digital innovation capabilities bridge the gap between academia and industry, to make it easy for businesses and entrepreneurs from any sector to benefit from our ground-breaking research, world class facilities and expertise.

Working with the University of Liverpool, you will:

Gain competitive advantage and accelerate product development

  • Expand your capabilities quickly with flexible access to state of the art technology, facilities and lab space
  • Exploit the skills of technical experts from diverse industry backgrounds
  • Boost productivity through automation and simulation
  • Discover new solutions to your challenges and maintain a competitive edge.

De-risk Research and Development

  • Reduce cost by accessing state of the art equipment, facilities and expertise on flexible terms
  • Reduce risk by testing new approaches in the safety of controlled and virtual environments
  • Prove and validate your ideas while protecting your intellectual property
  • Access new sources of funding. 

Harness world leading academic expertise

  • Translate ground-breaking research into commercial impact
  • Apply the problem-solving skills of academics to your challenges
  • Expose your team to new thinking and alternative approaches by co-locating them in research-intensive environments
  • Be guided on how to align your objectives with research which can be part-funded by Government and other sources.

Push the boundaries of how you work

  • Define what digital innovation means and can achieve for your business
  • Embed digital technologies and new ways of working to improve products, services and processes
  • Map the skills your company will need in the future and understand how to digitally upskill your workforce
  • Build adaptability, efficiency and resilience into your strategy.

Examples of our work

From assisting businesses at the start of a digital adoption journey through to co-creating innovation projects with global leaders, we’ve worked in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Read our case studies to find out more:

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