Example of digital innovation expertise at the University of Liverpool

Our expertise

The expertise and resources to make research and development more impactful, cost effective and safe.

Our digital innovation capabilities draw on the University of Liverpool’s world class expertise in computer and data science, robotics, materials chemistry, simulation and immersive visualisation to make it easy for companies large and small to benefit from digital technology.

We collaborate with businesses to help them adapt, innovate and solve challenges through the considered application of cost effective digital solutions.

Our expertise includes:

Scoping and guidance

Our in-house technicians and digital experts help to define, scope and keep your R&D project on track. We offer independent, objective advice to ensure R&D is a continual and impactful process.

Off-site R&D facilities

We provide access to off-site R&D facilities, including state of the art labs and technology for materials discovery and formulation, digital technology, robotics, AI and data analytics.

Support with funding

We support bid applications and help source funding for businesses to access digital innovation.

Access to world leading academics

We facilitate easy access to world leading academics and researchers through co-location and collaboration and can provide support to align your R&D goals with multi-year academic research programmes.

An ecosystem of collaboration

We provide links to clusters and connections to give access to innovators, technology providers and academics and open up the art of the possible.

Digital Research

Our research in Digital is enabling the transformation of society and industry through the generation, communication and processing of data. Discover more here.

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