Writing at Liverpool

Writing @ Liverpool

FAQ for Students

What is Writing@Liverpool?

Writing@Liverpool is a free service that can help all Humanities and Social Sciences undergraduates to develop their academic writing skills. Our Writing Tutors are postgraduate researchers and expert academic writers who are specially trained in tutoring students in 1:1, workshop and online contexts.

Who is Writing@Liverpool for?

Any undergraduate HSS students who would like to enhance their academic writing skills. The scheme is there for students who are new to academic writing as well as to those who are more experienced. You may be doing well and wanting to do better or you may just want to learn the techniques that can allow you to shine in your studies.

What's on offer?

Look out for details about the start of  2017-18 workshops and 1:1 tutorials about writing, critical reading, essay planning, constructing arguments, and more. All sessions aim at giving you tried and tested strategies and tools so that you can continue to improve your writing independently.

Will you proofread or edit my writing?

No, but we will help you learn strategies to do this for yourself.

I want to attend a tutorial / a workshop. How do I book?

Simply email writing@liverpool.ac.uk with your course, availability and area that you are interested in working on or workshop title and date and one of our Writing Tutors will contact you once the programme begins.

I can't attend a face-to-face session at the moment – is there any other skills development available?

Yes, you can log onto Skills4Study, a resource which we are piloting this year.  You might also want to look at iLearn which is the University's older online skills development portal; it’s best to access this using a desktop computer and using the Firefox browser with Adobe Flash player installed. There is a generic version of iLearn and discipline specific versions for the School of Management, Key Lab Skills for Physics, Statistical Skills for Psychology and Writing Skills for the Department of History (Writing@Liverpool Tutors created these resources).

FAQs for teaching staff

I am a member of teaching staff. I think some of my students would benefit from a tutorial or workshop. Can I refer them?

Yes. Some staff have suggested to students in assignment feedback to consider attending a session, especially if their grades aren't matching their potential, however well they are doing. Please encourage your students to make the most of the scheme. Just ask your students to email writing@liverpool.ac.uk and a Writing Tutor will contact them.

I am a postgraduate student in HSS. I would like to get involved: how do I go about it?

Writing@Liverpool employs postgraduate students who have excellent writing skills and an ability to effectively share their knowledge in a constructive, clear way. If you that's you, please contact writing@liverpool.ac.uk and we can chat further.

Who organises Writing@Liverpool?

The provision is funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; it is co-ordinated by Gail Howes, Faculty Student Experience Manager, with tutor training and oversight from Joanna Cheetham from the Centre for Innovation in Education.

The School of Law and Social Justice manages its own W@L:  contact slsjwrit@liverpool.ac.uk . Students in the Schools of the Arts, Histories, Languages and Cultures and ULMS can contact us at writing@liverpool.ac.uk