Common questions

Records Management are available to support you with managing your records effectively. You may find the answer to your question on this page but if you are unsure or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can Records Management help me?

Our service is here to support you with managing your records effectively. We facilitate access to the Records Centre for storage and retrieval of records in the medium-term, and arrange for collection and destruction of confidential waste. We are also on hand to provide you with advice and support with all aspects of record keeping including filing systems, retention periods, email, and electronic records management.

Contact us for information about the services we offer or for further guidance and information.

What are the benefits of good records management?

You need to manage your records in order to meet University policy and also legal requirements. If you spend some time setting up good records management systems, you will also find that they can save a lot of time and stress in the long run. Learn more about the fundamentals of good records management.

How do I send records for storage?

Details about storing, and retrieving, records using the Records Centre are available on our website.

Are records in the Records Centre kept confidential/secure?

Yes. Only authorised individuals have access to the records that you send for storage - other Departments cannot access them. Feel free to discuss access requirements with us.

What are the waiting times for accessing services?

Many departments bring their own material to us and we will arrange for a mutually convenient time in advance. For those departments without their own transport, we pick up material every Thursday. Waiting times depend upon demand which almost always exceeds the alloted time and resources that we have available from Facilities Management - typically, you will therefore need to wait 6-8 weeks. It is important that you arrange for collections (of records for the Records Centre, or of confidential waste for disposal) well in advance of needing items removing.

If this is too long to wait, particularly if you have concerns about the security of the material or the health and safety issues of storing it, then please contact us to see if we can make alternative arrangements.

How long should I keep a record?

It all depends on the type of record. The Records Retention Schedule is designed to help you decide, and there are a range of guidance notes with advice on specific topics of records management. If you are still unsure, contact us for assistance.

Can you help me retrieve something I accidentally posted into the confidential waste console?

We hold a spare set of keys and can access the consoles in cases like this. We keep a log of who makes the request and which console(s) are accessed. If it is an emergency and you are unable to contact us then please get in touch with the CSD Service Desk.

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