Storage and disposal

Records which are no longer required on a day-to-day basis but which may be needed occasionally, or which must be retained for financial or legal reasons, can be stored in the University's Records Centre.

The Centre is situated in specially adapted and secure premises on the University campus. Records are stored in standard-sized boxes on high-density mobile shelving, for the appropriate time according to the Records Retention Schedule.

We will not accept records which are already past their destruction date - you should only send in material that you know needs to be retained. If you need advice on the retention periods of the records you are planning to store, please contact us. We will only accept records in standard-sized boxes which are supplied on request and we will only accept records after a transfer request, with a completed transfer list, has been submitted on the database. 

Records in the Centre are given a review date based on the Records Retention Schedule. When this date is reached, we will contact the department responsible for the records to request a decision on whether the records can be destroyed or whether they should be retained for longer.

Records in the Centre are still owned by, and remain the responsibility of, the department which deposited them (irrespective of which member of staff deposited them).

Records Centre - storeTransferring records into storage

Find out how any member of staff in an area with a Records Liaison Officer (RLO) can make a transfer request for storage and confidential destruction and fill in the accompanying transfer list for records for storage.

If there is not an RLO in your area or you need any other assistance, then please contact the Information & Records Management team.

Records Centre - retrieveRetrieving records from storage

Access or withdraw files from the Records Centre.

Records Centre - disposeConfidential waste disposal

Arrange for collection, and confidential destruction of sensitive documents.