Records Retention Schedule

The University's Records Retention Schedule is designed as a guide to record retention to assist individuals, and departments, with managing records in line with the Information Management Policy. The Schedule provides general guidance to help you decide what to keep (and for how long) and what to dispose. Individual departments may need to consider other factors when making decisions about records: for example, requirements set by funders or regulatory bodies. You should always consult Information & Records Management if you have any concerns or doubts.

The Schedule is designed to complement your understanding of the University's Information Management Policy - it should not be used in isolation, but as a guide to help you manage your records in line with policy.

The University Retention Schedule is available via TULIP. Please select TULIP from the Staff Intranet and click on Administration. Records management functions will appear on the right. Please select View Retention Schedule. The schedule is keyword searchable. 

Before using the schedule you should read the notes at the top of the page in Tulip and consult the Records Retention Guide (available to any member of staff with this link – simply log into Office365 with your University credentials to view).