Records Liaison Officers

Records Liaison Officers (RLOs) are members of staff responsible for ensuring best practice with regards to records in their department. They act as the primary point of contact for the Information & Records Management Team and for the staff in each department so that Records Management services are more easily accessible.

They are offered training in good Records Management and are registered users on our Records Management database if their department uses the semi-current Records Centre to store their records.

Are you a Records Liaison Officer?
This is where you'll find resources and support.

Who is my Records Liaison Officer?
If you're unsure who to contact in your department with any records queries or confidential waste requests, log into TULIP and select the Administration menu. From here you can view the RLOs in your area by selecting “Create a request to have records destroyed, or to send records to Records Management”, but please note that you do not need to create a request in order to view RLOs in your area. If this is blank, then your area does not yet have an RLO.

If your department/area does not have an RLO and you would like to find out how one can be appointed or volunteer for the role yourself, please email