Chinese New Year Family Activity Day at the Victoria Gallery & Museum

In collaboration with Victoria Gallery & Museum, the University of Liverpool Confucius Institute will host a family activity event on the 10th February 2024 as part of Chinese New Year 2024 celebrations.


To celebrate Chinese New Year, the University of Liverpool Confucius Institute will host a family activity event at the Victoria Gallery and Museum on the 10th February 2024 from 11:00-15:00.

The aim of this event is to promote friendly exchange between China and the UK, and for the Liverpool community to have fun learning about Chinese culture.

Activities will include traditional Chinese dance, paper-cutting, origami, and Chinese calligraphy. So, please come along and make some beautiful Chinese art to take home with you!

Please register for this event on the VGM website: Victoria Gallery & Museum


Join us for- 

Chinese Dance workshop with Movema at 11am, 12 noon, 1pm and 2pm

Dance (tiao wu) has a long history in China. Performing or watching traditional dances is a popular way for people to celebrate Chinese New Year.


Musical performances with the Guzheng古箏

PhD student and musician will perform traditional Chinese music throughout the day in the Waterhouse café.


Woodblock Printing 木版年画

Woodblock printing (mu ban nian hua) is a traditional Chinese printing technique. An image is created by carving a wooden block and painting over the engraving. Woodblock printing is one of the earliest methods of printing in the world.


Paper Cutting 剪纸

Paper cutting (jian zhi) is a popular activity in China, especially during Chinese New Year. Red paper is usually used, and the most popular depictions created are of Chinese characters and Chinese zodiac animals like the rabbit or the tiger.


Origami 折纸

Chinese origami (zhe zhi) is very similar to the Japanese art form. It involves folding paper into the shapes of animals or objects.


Calligraphy 书法

Calligraphy (shu fa) is a popular and highly respected art form in China. It involves stylised writing using high-quality paper and delicate brushstrokes.