Picture of Liheyu

Liheyu Zhang

Hi my name is Liheyu Zhang and I'm currently in my second year at the University of Liverpool studying Computer Science. I studied Architecture for a semester but found that I liked programming more so I switched my major. I think programming is an amazing field, with its unique language charm.

Before changing courses I was worried that I would not be able to learn Computer Science so easily, because it is a huge subject, with many branches, not just programming. However I adapted very well and currently I am learning artificial intelligence, software engineering, network security, software development this semester. These classes made my first semester incredibly busy but very fulfilling. When I have a lot of things to do, I  write them down one by one on a post-it note, so that I can do everything in an organised way.

The curriculum of the Department of Computer Science is great. It is very practical and the course content is constantly improving according to the current papers and conferences. I am gaining a lot of knowledge from these courses I am currently studying, and a large amount of practice in the industry proves that detailed planning and good management is a prerequisite for efficient engineering. I can look forward to being able to apply what I've learned in my research or work.

I like the atmosphere at the University of Liverpool very much, and I feel that I am not alone here. I have responsible teachers, whose knowledge and personalities always inspire me to be a better person and the other enthusiastic students on my course are indispensable to me.

The University of Liverpool library has provided me with a lot of resources, such as training courses, to ensure that I adapt to living and studying in Liverpool more quickly and to help me with my career choices.

In the future I hope to continue studying Computer Science after university, to be able to pursue my research interests in academia.