Photo of Dr Sarah Thomas

Dr Sarah Thomas

Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media Communication and Media


Film Stardom, Celebrity, and Screen Performance

Including critical and economic histories of Hollywood stardom and/or Hollywood studio production, non-American stars and transnational celebrity, different modes of stardom and celebrity, including cult stardom, character actors, sports stardom, cross media celebrity, and star-fan relationships, stardom and audiences. In terms of screen performance: including historical and critical studies of actors, acting techniques and training, formal textual analysis, acting as labour, histories of performance and screen performance studies.

Virtual Reality media

Including the relationship between traditional film production and virtual reality innovation, the aesthetics and form of virtual reality filmmaking, the place and function of stars and actors within VR, VR as a marketing device, film and game spin-offs in VR.

Hollywood cinema

Including Hollywood cinema during both the classical and contemporary periods, studio systems and economic / industrial infrastructure, key Hollywood films and filmmakers, genres including film noir, horror and action, Hollywood's relationship with cult and transnational production contexts, and cross-media enterprise. Also Hollywood and digital media, from Twitter to virtual reality production.