Photo of Prof Michal Krzyzanowski

Prof Michal Krzyzanowski MA, PhD, D.Litt. (Habil)

Communication and Media


Personal Statement

Michał Krzyżanowski joined University of Liverpool's Communication & Media Department in 2017 as the Chair in Communication and Media. While at Liverpool, he has held various leadership roles including as Head of Department of Communication and Media (2017-18) or as the founding Director of the Department's internationally known research centre in Discourse & Society (since 2018).

Following earlier appointments at, inter alia, the University of Lancaster in England (2004-11) or the University of Aberdeen in Scotland (2012-13), Michał has since 2013 also held the Chair in Media and Communication Studies at the School of Humanities, Education and Social Science, Örebro University, Sweden. Since arriving at Örebro, he has also held a number of further roles including as the Director of Research and PhD Programme in Media and Communications, as advisor on University and Faculty internationalisation strategies and activities, or as the Director of the internationally active research team in Discourse, Communication and Media. Throughout his career, Michał has also held many visiting appointments, most recently at Stockholm University, Sweden (2018-19) and at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (2020-21).

Michał is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Language and Politics which is currently among the leading journals in critical discourse analysis of political, mediated and digital communication. He is also a co-editor of the book series Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies. He also sits on a number of editorial boards including of such journals as Critical Discourse Studies or Social Semiotics or such book series as DATA Browser.

Michał also has extensive experience in knowledge exchange work and engagement with policy and industry. He has previously collaborated with national and international media organisations (e.g. Financial Times, Swedish Public Television SVT, TOK FM Radio Poland), with politics & policy-makers (e.g. the European Commission or the European Parliament) and with national and international non-governmental sector (e.g. Save the Children, Stockholm; Institute for Public Affairs, Warsaw; Hrant Dink Foundation & Hate Speech Projects, Istanbul).

For more information about Michał's ongoing research, publications and activities please see his Google Scholar or his Twitter Profile.