Dr Les Roberts BA (London) PhD (Middlesex)

Reader in Cultural and Media Studies Communication and Media


    Research Interest 1

    My research interests fall within the following key areas: media and the city; urban cultural studies; visual culture, space and place; cultural mapping and spatial humanities; popular culture, heritage and cultural memory; film and media tourism; media anthropology/ethnography; non-media-centric/non-representational theories; liminality, selfhood and transitional phenomena.

    I would welcome supervision of PhD projects in all the above areas but at this stage in my research I would particularly welcome projects such as:

    - Film office as cultural broker: the production and consumption of mediated spaces in film/media tourism and heritage
    - Spatial humanities/'deep mapping' and locative media practice: exploring the interface of space, place and memory through digital methods
    - Digital media as a transitional space: participation, performance and practice in the mediated construction of selfhood (ethnographic/autoethnographic perspectives)

    Research Grants

    Music, Photographs and Stories from the Archives


    February 2016 - September 2017