Photo of Prof Steve Rannard

Prof Steve Rannard BSc (Hons), D.Phil., FRSC

Professor Chemistry


Research Interest 1

Please see the Rannard Group website for full details of our current research, archives of our publications and current vacancies.

The group researches novel polymer chemistry and organic nanoparticle production for many potential applications including nanomedicine. Within our nanomedicine programmes, we are highly focussed on infectious diseases including HIV, where our outputs are targeting clinically relevant translational technologies.

Research Grants
  • EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship 2016
  • European Nanotechnology Characterisation Laboratory
  • Nanoparticle Interventions for Colorectal Cancer
  • Antiretroviral therapy (ART) simplification
  • Development of solid drug nanoparticle for treatment of mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Towards NanoMedicine Interventions for HIV/AIDS
  • Integrated radiomaterials chemistry for simultaneous multi-component tracking of nanomedicines in biological matrices
  • Pickering-stabilised Nanoemulsions as Novel Antiretroviral Drug Delivery Systems
  • Royal Society Industry Fellowship - Transfer from Unilever
  • Application of nanomedicine to childhood diseases.
  • New Nanoscale Drug Delivery Systems and their Application to HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Non-Attrition HAART nanoparticle therapies for HIV/AIDS Drug Delivery
  • Towards complete sustained release nanoformulations of NRTI based regimens
  • Liverpool Imaging Partnership: Molecular physiology and drug response

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