Photo of Prof Dmitry Shchukin

Prof Dmitry Shchukin Ph.D.

Professor Chemistry


    Research Interests

    Research activities include the study of the non-equilibrated interfaces, development of composite hollow nanocontainers with controlled shell permeability for encapsulation of the energy-enriched materials, drugs, corrosion inhibitors; development of nanocontainer-based feedback active surfaces for further application in active self-healing materials, catalysis and medicine; synthesis of nanomaterials with new properties in the ultrasonic cavitation zone, synthesis of amorphous nanocomposites with enhanced catalytic performance in non-equilibrated conditions at the cavitation interface.

    Research Grants
    • Innovative Assembly Processes and Equipment for Healthier Foods’ Emulsions and New Market Opportunities
    • Smart Nanoadditives for Eco-Friendly Self-Healing Coatings