My Internship Experience: Anna-Maria Hartley

Posted on: 12 April 2022 by Samantha Riella in Student experiences

Cognitive Neuroscience MSc Student and recent Psychology BSc graduate, Anna-Maria Hartley tells us about her internship experience within the NHS.

Introduce yourself!

My name is Anna-Maria and I study Psychology BSc. I am currently in my third year, aiming to continue my studies in the UK findings an MSc for Health/Clinical psychology, striving to become a clinical/sport psychologist! The PSYC399 module helped me gain valuable experience, leading me to use this in my CV and personal statements. It prepared me for what it might be like as a graduate, gaining a permanent position once I finish.

Where was your internship and what did you do?

My internship was in Windermere, the Lake District within the NHS. It was in a small health centre which I was a medical receptionist. As I am also from Colombia, I was a translator between patients and doctors as well, aiding my communication skills. Within this job I also went on mental-health visits with the local paramedic, learning how to help schizophrenic patients as well as dealing with difficult calls.

How did you find the internship experience and what did you learn?

This internship was emotionally demanding, as it is patient-facing there couldn't be any mistakes, it was tough to handle, but needed for the real-life experience, and made me know what I want to do. I learnt how to use NHS software as well as develop CPD training in different sectors. This knowledge built on my psychology knowledge, being able to use it for future work.

What are some top skills you've picked up during the internship?

Communication, resilience, confidence and teamwork.

How did you find the support available while you secured your work experience?

There was a lot of support available throughout my experience. In addition to Handshake, connecting with my tutors on LinkedIn helped me gain access to more opportunities, as well as the PSYC399 Bursary, which enabled my experience to happen.

What is next for you?

I will be doing a MSc following my Psychology degree, striving to become a sport psychologist or clinical psychologist.

Did your work experience effect your future plans at all?

Yes. It made me want to work privately due to the lack of support within the NHS. However, it only pushed me to work towards this goal harder.

What has been your favourite thing about university?

Preparation for graduate life.

What is your top tip for students currently looking for work experience?

Use Handshake religiously! Use the Career Studio to make your personal statements and CVs the best they can be and keep checking on LinkedIn and Handshake. They will be your best friend.

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